Quest For Justice


My quest for justice against David Baulch has been a long and tireless one. My motivation has always been to ensure children are safe from him. My journey started in 2006 when my childhood best friend revealed he’d been abused by Baulch and that I’d led him to Baulch.

That was the point I realised I wasn’t the only one besides my sister and myself. I became anxious that he may still be offending and had these anxieties heightened a few months later.

Below is the compilation of my blog posts in order of my journey as I navigated the criminal justice system in my quest to stop Baulch

Pandora’s Box : How I disclosed my abuse

Pandora’s Box Part 2: The investigation begins, closes and reopens!

Pandora’s Box Part 3: The investigation heads to the Crown Prosecution Service!

Pandora’s Box Part 4: The magistrates court appearance

Pandora’s Box Part 5: The plea hearing & pre-trial

Pandora’s Box Part 6: The chaos and days before the trial

Pandora’s Box Part 7: The hours before giving evidence

Pandora’s Box Part 8: The moment of truth, giving evidence. **Possible Trigger*

 Pandora’s Box Part 9: The verdicts and sentence!

 Pandora’s Box Part 10: The Appeal