Pandora’s Box (part 4)

Well so much had happened in the 7/8 years since I went to the police to make my statement. So many ups and downs, so many emotions and enough tears shed that would solve any drought crisis. So much effort an energy to get my voice and concerns heard that the elation of knowing a day in court was eventually going to happen and Baulch would finally be stopped from ever abusing a child again would wear off quickly and be replaced from exhaustion.

Despite being exhausted, I felt something I’d not felt since I walked into York Police Station, that was the feeling of desire to fight. Peter, the detective had passed me to Ash, the Witness Services Officer, whilst he fulfilled CPS requests to help strengthen the case. Ash’s responsibility was to keep me informed of all things related to court, dates of appearences, dates and times I’d be required, helping sort out logistical issues. In the meantime Sam, my ISVA was began the task to organise an ISVA in Sussex who would be able to support me down there as she wasn’t able to go down there with me herself.

A few weeks after the Easter holiday, having been down to visit my parents withmy partner for my birthday and Easter (my first visit there in over 2 years)  I had a phone call from Ash to say a date had been set for Baulch’s first appearance before the magistrates.

You may be wondering why the big deal with me visiting my parents.Even now as I write this post Mum & Dad still live next to my godparents, his parents and up until 2014 he still lived next door to my parents. Even now he lives at the Onslow Arms in Loxwood, a pub which is a mile away from my parents front door so there’s still chances of bumping into him. Especially with my homicidal tendencies it wasnt safe for me to be anywhere near West Sussex, let alone Ifold.

Anyway, the magistrates date had been set for 8 years and 19 days after I first contacted the police.  Desperate to see that bastard in the dock my partner and I made travel arrangements to go to Sussex to see it happen. On the morning of may 19th 2015 Mum, Dad, my girlfriend and I got in the car and drove to Worthing in order to get to the court in time, I was absolutely not going to miss this. We got to the court no sign of him, we spoke to the court usher who told us the case had been moved back to 2:30pm, it was bloody annoying as we’d got there for 9:00am having travelled down from York the day before, my girlfriend and I were knackered. Anyway we came back at 2:00pm and waited, each time I went out for a smoke I looked for him but couldn’t see him. Eventually the case was called but he was nowhere to be seen. The bastard hadn’t attended court. I was pissing razor blades, blood was going to spill, only for a change it wouldn’t be mine. The prosecution solicitor came out to tell us what was going on. He was missing the magistrates were unimpressed and issued and imediate bench warrant for his arrest. I was furious and on the hunt, when we got back to Mum &Dad’s I went next door to his parents and had the following confrontation which I captured on my phone:

I’m sure as you watched that you thought to yourself what the fuck? Did she really say what I thought I heard? Yes, yes you did, less concerned her son is a paedophile with an arrest warrant out for him she  did really tell me to go back to York and lose some weight. Some people are incredible. However I was in a position to start getting the word out. I popped down to some friends who lived a few doors down from my parents. Several years earlier whilst I was in the midst of a breakdown and godless nihilism Big Mack took me out for a beer and a chat. He was lovely, empathetic and concerned but I couldn’t and didn’t tell him what was the cause of my mental health problems, despite him trying as best he could to get it. I did promise him one day I would be able to tell him. Well dear reader, that moment seemed like the most opportune moment. I went to the Macks, told them everything that had led up to that afternoon and that there was a warrant for Baulch’s arrest. The whole family (including the 2 kids who were all grown up and adults now) were all shocked, very kind and promised to keep an eye out for him, I promised bounty for any information that led to me getting my hands on the bastard.

Anyway my girlfriend and I returned to York the next day and he’d still not  been arrested, The bank holiday was approaching I was raging to the point I had packed a back containing combat trousers, assault boots, knife, rope to go find him and administer some justice. The police had been at the pub during that time, but were looking for a missing woman who turned up at the bottom of the canal behind the pub. The Mack boys went to see the police there to let them know that Baulch was about and in fact in the pub behind them, but they weren’t interested. I was about to head to the station when my girlfriend phoned Peter to tell him I was about to come down to find Baulch. In the meantime Mum and Dad phoned 999 to tell them the shit was about to hit the fan. Somehow the combination phone calls did the trick within 90 minutes he was in custody being taken to the cells in Chichester.

In retrospect I regret him being arrested on the Friday, he only spent one night in the cells. The next morning he was taken to Crawley Magistrates to face the charges. Had he been arrested on the Saturday he’d have been in the cells until the following Tuesday. That thought really still annoys me. Whilst his solicitor argued some bullshit that he’d not received the summons he was bailed until 10th August to appear at Chichester Crown Court without any bail restrictions.

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