Borderline Personality Disorder – A Diagnosis Of Invalidation

Dr Jay Watts aka @Shrink_at_Large  wrote the following post on the invalidation of the diagnosis BPD for the Huffington Post.  I think if you haven’t already, you should read this. If you have already read it, I  think you should have a re-read and share it wide and far. Great work Jay!!

Last year, a woman, Helen Millard, died after being found hanging in a psychiatric ward bathroom. An inquest this week reported that when she had first been admitted, she was under constant observation. But on this day, she was able to spend thirty minutes in a bathroom alone, unchecked, despite staff knowing she had been tying ligatures around her neck up to four times per day. Helen was obviously an amazing woman, “very loving and caring“ and “hard-working, determined and very driven” as her husband tells us. Yet she was described as“manipulative”, “argumentative” and “hostile” by nursing staff, not just as an idle aside, but in a formal statement. What in psychiatry makes it seem legitimate to speak that way about a struggling woman?

Read the fullarticle at: Borderline Personality Disorder – A Diagnosis Of Invalidation | Huffington Post

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