The Soup of Human Kindness


Yesterday whilst i was cruising around Twitter I saw a photo posted by my local cafe of a gorgeous looking chicken soup with dumplings. I decided finally at about half two this afternoon to pick my moping fat arse up off the sofa and brave the outside world to see if it was still on the menu and warm myself with some of Steve’s soups.

So I hobbled up the road to @Thepigandpastry, as i walked through the door I saw the chicken soup and dumplings on the specials board and was all set to order a portion when I turned to see a delicious sounding longhorn burger on the main boards. Now I did ponder whether to order a soup to start and a burger to finish. But I know how filling the wonderful food is there and stuck to just the burger and drinks. whilst I was waiting for my food I tweeted my good friend to tell her that I left the house wanting soup and ended up ordering the burger.



Either Steve is a Jedi and the longhorn burger was a Jedi mind-trick or I am just a weak minded fool who can’t stand by his convictions. Whichever it is I had a very fine burger and glad I ordered it. As I was tucking into it I was unaware Steve had been sneaking onto twitter and had seen my tweet. As I was getting upto go, Steve stopped me and then presented me a bag with Soup For The Soul written on the side, when I got home I discovered not only was there a portion of the soup and dumplings (with reheating instructions written on the container) but a generous portion of the Pig & Pastry’s own baked granary bread. The soup will warm and fill my tummy, but Steve’s gesture has warmed and filled my soul; particularly as traditionally this is always a difficult time of year for me. Your kindness really made a difference to me today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So folks if you’re passing along Bishopthorpe Rd, why not pop in for something yummy in your tummy, or swing by their Facebook page or twitter account


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