Ok dear, reader, since my last post which you may remember me grudgingly saying I’d go back to the police with my support worker from survive to go over my statement and see if the case could be reviewed.

A lot has happened since then. I’ve had a visit from mum, so awkward because we’re trying to avoid talking about the obvious, but she still manages to push a few buttons, and no doubt I do too. I went back to Survive last week and told Annie that I guess there’s no time like the present and that perhaps it’s time to let this shit get real. The way I see it is, that mental wounds are already opened again, may as well let them bleed so I can focus on the long slog to recovery, or whatever.  So Annie has made an appointment for one of York’s DC’s to come interview me again with the fresh concerns over his playhouse building adventures. I only hope that this is enough to get Sussex to prick their ears up and the other victims will make a statement this time. I’m not sure I could cope with trawling through my most intimate and personal secrets laid bare, like a mouse after a cat has feasted. In fact I dread to imagine what it’ll do to me. Honestly I suspect if I’m left out to hang again I might not recover.  Oh well bridge to cross when I get to it. I guess right now I’d settle for some reassurances that he isn’t still offending. I may never get any proper recognition let alone an admission of his guilt but I really struggle being 260 odd miles away from home and not knowing if he’s still offending. I’ve said many times before that no matter how many times anyone tells me it’s not my responsibility for others, but I will always will feel that it is, and yes I will blame myself  if he is still offending  because I should have done more sooner to make myself heard and the authorities alerted to stop him. I can’t help but feel like it’s always going to be my crusade, but I guess that didn’t stop batman…maybe it’s time to suit up.

Anyway enough of that, there has been another reason why my blog has been neglected a bit, I started my photography group last week. It has been the perfect distraction, learning a new skill and more importantly get in touch with my creative side, which is something I’m not so great at. I really think it may help my recovery and keep my head sideways whilst I get a grip on making sure he is dealt with effectively.  As you can see from the start of this post I’ve got a bit lucky with my photos whilst I still get comfortable with my new camera. I think I’ll either start a facebook page or Google+ photo album to share my work. I have been lucky so far and got some stunning shots and edits, but I will keep you posted where you can see my photos and edits. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a photo collage of my 1st week’s efforts.


Photography Group - Week 1

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