FEAR (Abuse Trigger Warning)

Before I continue with this post I urge you if you think you may be triggered into bringing up painful memories or feelings please do not read this post, it will be very emotional and arguably graphic. Thank you.

Imagine the most frightening time in you life, do you remember how sacred you were? Do you remember how confused you felt? Do you remember being left with many questions afterwards?

No imagine you were 3 or 4 years old, you had just been sexually abused and then held up to an open window and threatened that you’d be dropped out of it if you didn’t tell your mum to go home and that you’d be back shortly, not knowing that you were about to be abused again before you went home.

That was the second time I was abused, knowing after the first instance he could get away with it he could go further. I can not tell you even now how much that haunts and scares me. The fear and the anger has been my jailer for over 3 decades. I’ve felt my life fall around at my feet. My relationships strained and crumble.

Yesterday I realised I could let my pain and my anger continue to destroy me, I could let it control down a path of self destruction or I could let it fuel me to do something else. I decided to let it fuel me to destroy him, I will let the world know the name and the sins of David Baulch, the Paedophile who destroyed a little boy’s security and future.

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