Childs Play


So  it looks like any children’s play area outside a pub. But what if I said it wasn’t? I’m fairly certain you’ll probably be scratching your heads wondering what’s so special about this play area that makes it so different from from any other.  What if I told you  it was built by the person who abused me? What if I told you it was built at a pub no more than a mile away from my family home?

There are several reasons why this photo distresses me greatly. Firstly he has been allowed years later to build something for children in the local community as good as on the doorstep where he abused myself and others, and profit from it. It makes me wonder how many more play areas he has been commissioned to build. Now his clients won’t have an idea of his past. I doubt even with a CRB check would they know because he has never been bought to justice. It makes me wonder does the construction industries need vetting when constructing play areas? Or do background checks only apply for direct contact with children and vulnerable people? Although what happens when someone is commissioned to build something in a private residence where they may come into contact with children or vulnerable people?

I guess this post lacks my normal coherent ramblings, but that’s because it is really personal to me. That’s because on at least one occasion he abused me in the Wendy house in my garden. I resent the fact he gets paid to insult me and his other victims further. I get a life plagued with memories, self doubt, struggles with myself and my mind.

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