one foot (warning may be triggery)

So I find myself stranded in my bed, suffering from extreme intrusive thoughts and safe in the knowledge the mental health team only want to treat me at arms length. Now i know we’re in a tough financial mess, but if someone says they feel hospital is the right place, surely that says something right?

So I called the nurse from the crisis team for  some support, she said she was just off out on an assessment and couldn’t help till after 4pm, but could put me onto her colleague. When I saw  her yesterday with my psychiatrist I told her a constant change of people without continuity exacerbates my anxiety, but apparently she still thought it right to hand me over to a colleague. How do they expect me to trust them, when they don’t seem to be listening, or taking me seriously? How do they expect me to say I got close to taking my life yesterday, if my legs weren’t short and I didn’t have such poor abdominal strength I would have been able to climb that extra foot to get on the ledge and do what needed to be done.

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