Benefit Spending: The Economy of a Pint

We’ve heard a lot from the government about the social ills of people on benefits. They and the feral media would have us all believe that a person in receipt of benefit pisses and smoke their money up the wall.

Now I’m sure that there are the exceptions but it isn’t the rule. As you know I’m in receipt of ESA,  I also try to go once or twice a week to the local pub. I do this to keep myself socialising. Now the political right, the feral media and their followers are no doubt screaming what a flaming liberty I’m taking. Well do you begrudge me 2 bottles of crabbies ginger beer ( or 2 pints of lemonade and lime) a week plus a 50p quiz entry once a week?  My total spend never exceeds £6.90 in total. I think it’s a modest sum and has far reaching benefits.

Firstly for my health, any of my doctors would actively encourage my sociability to keep my mind active and help boost my self esteem, even when I’m at my most depressed.  Secondly my money goes back into the local and national economy.  Pubs are closing on a daily basis,  but the locals near me are bucking the trend. My participation requires staff to run and service the pub and it’s customers,  therefore creating and maintaining local jobs. Then there’s the taxes collected for the government,  whether vat or alcohol excise. The same is true for tobacco,  where the taxes contribute heavily to the health service.

The government feel its unfair for people to use benefit on alcohol and tobacco,  instead they would rather give supermarket vouchers.  I may be luckier than most, I live in an area with local amenities and a sense of community.  If I was given vouchers to be spent at Asda or Tesco,  all that would do is line the pockets of share holders and accountants who may advocate tax avoidance. I’d rather spend my income at my local butchers and greengrocers.  Maintaining a local community and economy. I know the people and can have a choice of what I buy and know it’s providence.

I leave you reader with a question is a pint and a cigarette the worst way to spend the benefit I receive?

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